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Automatic (machine) translation now

11 maja 2015

Scientists and researchers around the world are convinced that an ambitious plan to build a fully automatic machine for high-quality translation will not be achieved in the near future, so in recent years they focused on devices supporting daily work of a translator, rather than on machine translation in the strict sense.

The rapid development of software and hardware that has been made in the last few years has led to a situation in which the professional translation is not possible without the use of various translation tools. All steps in the translation process today can be made with less cost by using software to prompt ready-made solutions for terminology, searching source texts at the beginning of work, helping during the process of translation and edition, designing layout and database creation.

Translation tools with the help of a computer are an indispensable part of the interpreters' workshop. Although the linguistic capabilities of automatic translation has not been significantly improved over the last two decades, translation memory tools and terminology are widely used by technical translators, who deal with specialized texts that are repeated and they are constantly updated which requires the consistent use of terminology.

translation tools

When in the translation process the proper sense of the word and degree of automation is constantly increasing, the whole process of information gaining and recovery is also improved. In this process the most important area for the computer is to use the internet. It also means communication between the translator and the client as well as appropriate management of design workflow.

The efficient use of all the tools by the interpreter might mean the adoption of the new work system. The mistakes made in the initial phase of individual work with tools may have dire consequences in the future. A few hours or few days training is recommended before  proceeding to execute the real translation projects. Effective methods of training are offered by distributors of the software, professional organizations, as well as specialized institutions in this field.