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Location of translations, automation of the translation process, translation projects – memoQ program

22 maja 2015

You work in the industry involving translations and locations. You do many repetitive translation tasks and You do want to automate repetitive works, because they are not too inspiring.

memoQ is based on the concept of the project, and any operations that you can perform on a single document can also be made in respect of the whole project. The project can include any number of documents, and using the powerful tools, which are views you can connect and share documents, put repetitive passages in another document or separate a segments that meet pre-set criteria. Automation means that you can perform operations on multiple documents simultaneously. It is a tool easy to use and accessible even in the cheapest version of the program. One of the most common operations performed on multiple files is the command "find and replace" performed for the entire project.

If this is not enough for you and you want to enter to the program further task automation opportunities, you should select memoQ enterprise. In this version, you can program to perform all operations. You can select files and create online project for them. You can translate documents,  generate statistics, export and import bilingual files and track progress. This can be very useful if you have to deal with many orders for translation of a continuous nature and you develop a lot of small files.

translation automation

MemoQ enterprise version also lets you work with commercially available tools for project management, such as Beetext Flow, Plunet Business Manager and XTRF.

What do you gain with memoQ

  • memoQ can perform all operations in one document, parts of the document, several documents or in all documents included in the project.
  • MemoQ enterprise version offers a fully documented and easy to use software package supporting software development, with examples of automate codes for processes within a project.
  • There are also integrated solutions for automating tasks with memoQ enterprise.