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The best translators for iOS - continuation

21 maja 2015

iVoice Translator PRO

iVoice, like Pixter, was also created for particular translation purpose, namely it is made for  conversations. Also there is no gap to enter the text-  everything is based on speech recognition. Choose the target language, choose the source language and then having a conversation with a foreigner press by turns buttons corresponding for text recording. The text will be recognized translated and displayed on the main screen in the conversation view.

Another advantage of iVoice is the base of various basic phrases in the English language needed for use in different situations, eg. during the trip, while visiting a bank, a hospital or even during normal conversation. You can easily "use" the English phrase form the iVoice clipboard and translate it into any language. iVoice Translator Pro application is available in the App Store for just 0.89 Euros.

translate system

SayHi Translate

This app was also created in order to facilitate our conversation with a foreigner. Choose your language, select the target language and alternately record short statements, that SayHi quickly translates and displays in the chat window. Here it supports not only voice service, but also gives the possibility of entering text using the keyboard.

The application interface in my opinion leaves a lot to be desired, but after a short tour with SayHi I can say that the application is well suited for quick translations of conversations. SayHi offers support for over 100 different languages and is available in the App Store for 1.79 Euros.