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The best translators for iOS

12 maja 2015

Most of you probably believes that, if you must use a translator on iPhone or iPad, it is best to just Google Translate. It is a bit of a shame, because contrary to appearances there are many positions available in App Store, that not only can compete with Google's client, but in some respects are even better from him. Get to know five chosen applications that are best suited for the rapid translation of texts on your iPhone or iPad.


ITranslate application could be called a clone of Google Translate- applications look quite similar and offer similar functionality. With iTranslate you can translate texts in over 80 languages, and when necessary, you can use the translations for Chinese characters. In addition, the application provides a history of all translated messages. In addition, for 4.49 Euros license, you will be able to get rid of ads, start processing voice messages and you will be able to sent messages to translate by SSL.

iTranslate interface is of adapted to iOS 7, it is in Polish language and use of application is trivial. You can download the basic version of iTranslate from the App Store for free.

app store

Pixter Scanner OCR

Pixer also translates texts but works in a slightly different way than Google Translate or iTranslate application described above. There is no place for to entering the text through typing- the application is based on OCR, so you take a picture of the text you want to translate, then the text is quickly scanned and in seconds it returns the text translated in a selected language. The translation of the texts marked in above screenshots took about 6 seconds (the data was transmitted to the server via LTE). The evaluation of scanning and translation of the text I leave to you.

Pixter supports 32 languages, including Polish. The application allows to crop captured images, also it allows to share your effects via Facebook or email. The interface is simple and the user is guided by the hand through the whole process of translation. Pixter Scanner OCR costs 2.69 Euros in the App Store.