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What is XTRF Management System?

20 maja 2015

XTRF is a complete management system designed in response to specific problems and needs of translation agencies. The system aims to facilitate the work of agency workers and increase their efficiency. The individual system modules, available through simple Web browser allow employees to work more efficiently, avoid mistakes and control every detail of their work.

Project - better control over projects!  Project management is the main task of all translation agencies and therefore this is also the heart of XTRF. Project module (includes project management, project development and screening projects) was created in order to facilitate and accelerate the project manager's work. The unique features of this system allow project managers to efficiently manage workflow, follow the progress of projects and all their parts, effectively communicate with contractors and clients, and effectively meet customer expectations.

XTRF high quality

Invoices – this is the end of the doubts! Invoicing sometimes is considered to be a formality, but loosing in paperwork can cost a lot! With XTRF in a few clicks you can:

* receive a list of projects to be invoiced on a given day,

* remind customers about overdue unpaid invoices,

* check your obligations to suppliers,

* analyze financial stability and planned financial flows,

* create and send invoices to customers,

* create, manage and monitor invoices and payments!

ISO 9001 - is the end of collecting the data reports! You do not have to interrupt staffs' work to prepare a report for you! With XTRF you can prepare reports for the management and for audits to ISO 9001 in a few minutes. You can analyze the work of your employees, complaints, profit,   profitability of the company, the number of projects commissioned on time. XTRF collects data and presents it in easy way. You can also copy data and use it in a presentation or display on a graph!