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How to find a good translation agency?

14 maja 2015

Translation agencies increasingly appear on the horizon of bigger and smaller cities. They differ in the scope of offered services, sometimes in price. Certainly they differ in the quality of provided services- as we know- translation agencies are uneven. So, how to choose an agency that meets the client's expectations?

Check the opinion of the agency. You can do  some research among friends, asking which of translation agencies would they recommend. It is good to check the opinion on the internet- you can view the forums. A good idea is to look at the company's web site (if it has one)- the more professional website the greater the chance that we are dealing with professional agency.  Another way how we choose agency that will take care of translation of documents can be prices comparison- if possible, ask for a free pricing of the text to be translated. Remember that highly specialized texts are texts that are more expensive in translation, do not be fooled by too low price. When contacting with the agency, find out if it employs competent translators in the various fields, you do care for professional translation of documents- translator should be familiar with specialized language and the specificity of the industry. It is worth asking for certificates given to specific translators of the whole agency. Ask if a continuous contact with the translation team is available, it will be helpful when changes of the text appear, or in any doubts of the translation team that works on the text.