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The way of the order in translation agency

13 maja 2015

Nowadays, professional translation agency could not function without CAT tools. Such software is absolutely necessary for the work of translators, verifiers, translation department coordinators and project managers.

How does it work in practice? After receiving orders for text translation, the project coordinator becomes familiar with the document, examines the possibilities for a given language group and available dates. Then he prices the order and after client's acceptance the contract is approved and forwarded to translation department coordinator.  In the first step, as previously coordinator of the project, the translation department acquaints with the subject matter and the volume of text. They analyze the text using CAT tools, which allows it to check how much text is actually to be translated. The sentences or phrases in the text may repeat so such a program immediately shows what percentage of the text must be translated immediately and what can be duplicated.

translate system

In addition, text analysis report shows what part of the text include numbers that do not require translation. Despite the conveniences, the CAT tools may be wrong, that is why it is necessary to accurately verify the text by the translator and verifier.  The coordinator also checks if there is a translation memory in database, prepared on the basis of a similar or the same text translation. On the basis of this information, the coordinator estimates the amount of time needed to complete the order and decided how many people should work on it.